What you need to prioritize the project portfolio

Make the right decision with the support of the organization

How it works


List criteria &

List criteria, sub criteria and alternatives to prioritize.


List participants &

List participants in groups and send email with instructions.


Collect data &
build consensus

Participants' results are compiled and compared.


Analyze &
take decisions

Alternatives priorities are presented filtered on groups.

Prioritize project portfolio

It is all about steering

Traps when prioritizing projects portfolio:

  • Complex: too many criteria & alternatives
  • Difficult to prioritize because of many participants
  • All points of view is not considered
  • Bias: the participants have different will and agenda
  • Consensus is not reached

Pros with Priotice:

  • Simplifies complexity
  • Many participants
  • Transparent process
  • Creates consensus
  • Intuitive