Prioritize the project portfolio

Boost the efficiency by making the right decision with the support of the organization.

Also to prioritize: SCRUM product backlog, selection of supplier, choice of system solution, etc.

How it works


List criteria &

List criteria, sub criteria and alternatives to prioritize.


List participants &

List participants in groups and send email with instructions.


Collect data &
build consensus

Participants' results are compiled and compared.


Analyze &
take decisions

Alternatives priorities are presented filtered on groups.

List criteria, sub-criteria, alternatives, groups and users

In the application there are built-in criteria templates ranging from simple models to more sophisticated models. Alternatives, groups and participants can be imported from Excel directly into the application.

Invite participants

Send email invitation with a link to the participants. The participant responds by chosing how much more important one criteria / alternative is than the other. All comparisons are made pairwise. When participants have answered you can see the response rate and quality of the responses. Use computer, tablet or smartphone to respond.

Creating consensus in the group

The group average is presented per comparison. After discussions within the group it is possible to choose a new average.

Priority charts

The result of the prioritization is presented in charts. A chart of how the main criteria are measured and a chartof how the alternatives are valued. In the alternative chart weight per criteria is also displayed . There are several charts where you can compare the results between participants or groups. A complete report with all relevant information can be printed. You can also export the results to Excel.